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Speaker notes by the Minister of Police, Mr Fikile Mbalula: Introduction of the the newly appointed National Police Commissioner


Thank you for your time this afternoon. Welcome.

My estimation and roadmap for the departments under the Ministry I lead and in particular the South African Police Services, is that besides having a vision and a mission statement, the South African Police Service should sought to adhere to values and principles encompassing:

•        Professionalism

•        Integrity

•        Ethics

•        Service orientation, batho pele – people first

•        Protection of victims

•        Transparency

•        Accountability

•        Community involvement

•        Neutrality

•        Impartiality

•        Respect for human rights

Management should have a principled approach to policing in the manner the SAPS is organised, structured, led and managed, and for the qualities desired in those who function at all levels of the organization.

I have set out a very serious set of goals for the very little time that remains. The goals include:

1.       a comprehensive review and replacement of the National Crime Prevention Strategy of 1996,

2.       the digitalization of our policing including front line services,

3.       focussed approach on cybercrimes,

4.       professionalization of the organization and service,

5.       demilitarization,

6.       constitutional democracy policing underpinned by human rights,

7.       regionalization and de-escalation of SMS to the police station

8.       high crime weighing areas focus and importantly,

9.       institutionalization of crime intelligence led policing approach

Ladies and Gentlemen – these are issues that pertain in our environment and as such stability of leadership of the South African Police Service is very important in us attaining our goals. The reason we are here is for South Africa to meet their National Police Commissioner who will be in charge of implimentation of the goals I have set.

The long outstanding issue of properly and fairly integrating the Non-Statutory Forces into the service and their Re-Ranking must also be a top priority for management. We are also looking into management to build a responsive succession plan where a fit and proper second layer of management is built.

As we are all aware, the president yesterday appointed General Khehla Sitole as a permanent National Police Commissioner, a seasoned professional and a career policeman with over two decades of experience in senior management.

General Khehla Sitole is a seasoned member of the service who grew through the ranks.

He served and obtained practical exposure at all levels of the organisation connecting from Police Station to Province and National Office. He has practical experience through serving in both the Organisational Support and Operations of the organisation.

General Sitole possess strategic policy framework understanding of the service and has fresh ideas in this regard. He has in the past been involved in the development of numerous policies, legislation and strategies which link the police service to the broader framework of government, the international community and our diverse nation.

Criminal manifestation in the various areas of the country depicts the advancement and sophistication of criminal modus operandi. In order to provide a response to this challenge the organisation need a high level of innovation and creativity which must lead to the development and execution of relevant strategies and it is our belief that General Sitole is fit and proper for the position.

General, we have no time to waste time and we look forward to working with you General and trust you will put our people first and advance transformation of the service.

Next Monday, 27 November – the President will preside over A Sword Hand Over Ceremony in the installation of General Sitole as National Police Commissioner at the SAPS Tshwane College.

I now introduce you to General Sitole and the General will read a statement and after that will take questions.