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Speaker notes: Lieutenant General BC Mgwenya National Recruitment Indaba


Programme Director
National Commissioner of the SAPS, General Sitole
Deputy National Commissioners
National Head of the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation, Lt Gen (Adv)Lebeya
Divisional and Provincial Commissioners
SAPS Senior Management
National Human Resource Practitioners
SAPS members and personnel
Representatives from the Department of Public Administration
Representatives from the Public Service Commission

Ladies and gentlemen, good morning to all present. It is my distinct honor and privilege to warmly welcome you at the first of its kind, the South African Police Service’s National Recruitment Indaba 2019 which has been scheduled over two days.

A special word of welcome is extended to our National Commissioner, General Khehla Sitole, whose strategic guidance continues to lead us to become a professionalised police service as underpinned in the National Development Plan, Vision 2030. His support in steering many of these initiatives is indicative of his dedication and commitment to emancipate and empower everyone in our organisation and we are truly grateful for that.

Welcome to all our senior managers and National Human Resource Recruitment Practitioners who play a crucial role in the SAPS to address human capital investment and to attract an effective workforce which will add value in achieving the Constitutional obligations of the SAPS as contained in Section 208 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa. We are also privileged to welcome all the representatives from other entities in our midst as their presence will add the necessary value and inspiration to engage robustly, share best practises and to realise the objectives of this very important Indaba.

We also look forward to their active engagement.

Ladies and gentlemen, the hosting of this National Recruitment Indaba was necessitated by issues which were raised of alleged corruption in the SAPS’s recruitment processes during an appearance before the Portfolio Committee of Police in March 2019 and by the Minister of Police during a Ministerial engagement in June 2019. The Minister further indicated that the current recruitment processes must be reviewed urgently to address alleged incidents of corruption and nepotism.

During the Minister’s Budget Vote held on 11 July 2019, he further announced that the SAPS will in the near future launch an automated online e-recruitment process as part of a government-wide process to make it simpler and easier for people, especially the youth, to apply for job opportunities within the Service. The Minister indicated that this will be beneficial and empowering because it will be web based, accessible from different locations for all applicants to submit applications to a centralised database. This automated system will further address challenges experienced in the manual system.

The National Commissioner then approved the hosting of this Indaba to address the pressing issues raised by the Minister and other stakeholders. The purpose of the Indaba will inter alia be to review the current approach to recruitment processes in the SAPS in order to enhance and strengthen these processes, to focus on the appointment of skilled and competent employees with high morale, to address allegations of corruption and nepotism in the recruitment processes and to gather valuable inputs from all stakeholders to review the SAPS recruitment strategy. It will furthermore provide an important platform where recruitment practitioners will be afforded a chance to strategically review recruitment methods, find improved working solutions which will ultimately lead to transparency and equal employment opportunities to all qualifying candidates.

Ladies and gentlemen, the SAPS currently uses the following staffing categories of appointments in the filling of vacancies in the organisation, namely the recruitment of Police Trainees, recruitment of Public Service Act Employees, lateral appointments, re-enlistment of former members, appointment of personnel on salary level 1-12 and appointment of senior managers – on salary levels 13-15.

Over and above the concerns  raised by the various stakeholders regarding the recruitment processes, other challenges also arose from these processes such as the high number of applications received for advertised posts; labour intensive and time consuming processes to verify and capture applications manually on the computer system; non adherence to HR policies and prescripts, high failure rates on psychometric assessments for trainees, high failure rate on physical assessments and integrity assessments to name but a few.

In the last financial year, we received a total of 500 000 applications, where we were only seeking 5 000. This is an indication of the volume of work.

It is therefore pertinent that we use this opportunity to seek amicable and practical solutions to all the challenges that we are facing so that the SAPS can become the professional service which the people of South Africa deserve. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience gathered here and I have great expectations that this ground breaking Indaba will pave the way for this organisation to reach its strategic objectives.

Once again welcome to everyone present and I trust that you will gain valuable knowledge to assist and empower you in the demanding and challenging duties you are performing.

Thank you.