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Welcoming Address by the National Commissioner: SAPS Passing Out Parades


Programme Director
Minister of Police, General Cele
Deputy National Commissioners
Provincial and Divisional Commissioners
Senior management of the SAPS
SAPS members and personnel
Members on parade
Families and friends of members on parade
Labour Unions
Members of the media
Distinguished guests

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, my hearty greetings are extended to you all. It is with immense pride that we warmly welcome every one present here at this significant event, the 2019 passing out parade of the men and women who successfully completed the Basic Police Development Learning Programme.

The addition of over 5000 new recruits to our current complement will ensure that we strengthen frontline policing and heed the call of the people of South Africa for a police service which is professional and effective.

These young men and women are key to realise the objectives of the National Development Plan, which envisions that by 2030 people living in South Africa feel safe at home, at school and at work and enjoy a community life free of fear. Women should be able to walk freely in the streets and children should be able to play safely outside.

Members on parade, it is an honour and gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our extended family in blue. On behalf of the Department of Police, I wish to congratulate you on the successful completion of the Basic Police Development Learning Programme. We are well aware that the programme is extremely challenging but you have proven worthy to wear the blue uniform with pride. Together with this, comes the great responsibility of a lifelong commitment to serve and protect the people of South Africa and I have no doubt that you will do this with distinction.

It is a privilege to welcome the leadership of the Department of Police, the Minister of Police, General Bheki Cele. We sincerely appreciate and value your presence and we know that it sends an inspirational message to every young man and woman on parade. The highest authority in the Department has taken the time to be present on this day, which will be remembered as one of the most important days in their careers in the SAPS.

A warm welcome to the Deputy National Commissioners, Provincial Commissioners and Divisional Commissioners, some having travelled from other parts of the country to support us and celebrate the SAPS today.

A special word of welcome is extended to all members on parade. You are the reason why we are here today. You have successfully gone through a stringent selection and training process and you have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to serve and protect the people of South Africa. I am confident that the Human Resource Development Division trained and prepared you to be equal to the task at hand and that you will fly the flag of the South African Police Service high.

We also welcome all our distinguished guests and especially the families, friends and loved ones of our young recruits in our midst. We sincerely thank you for supporting them during their training and urge you to continue to be there for them and to motivate them while they develop further and serve with humility, respect, selflessness and patriotism.

Young recruits, we all know that being a police official is a daunting task. You could well face dangerous, violent situations and ruthless criminal elements. Always remember to be vigilant and abide by the basic safety rules and regulations when you are both on and off duty, as your safety is of the utmost importance. In addition to this you must take care of your mental, spiritual and physical wellness to be able to fight crime effectively. Members of the SAPS are human and they too experience stress and have to face a variety of problems and difficulties in their daily lives. Never hesitate to approach one of the professionals from Employee Health and Wellness for support.

Members on parade, as a member of the SAPS you cannot work in silos or operate as individuals. You are now part of a family of over 190 000 personnel members and it is important that all members of the SAPS work together as a team on a journey to a safer South Africa. This goal is underpinned in the Turnaround Vision of the SAPS.

Ladies and gentlemen, these young men and women have worked diligently and persevered with sheer determination to be here today, ready to serve and protect the people of South Africa. There is no substitute for hard work if you want to achieve the desired results. I am therefore extremely proud and honoured to announce that the top three achievers from each Academy will receive full bursaries to gain a qualification in a law enforcement field in line with his/her personal development plan within the South African Police Service.

A total of 24 bursaries will thus be allocated to these dynamic young men and women in an effort to promote transformation and professionalism of the SAPS. They will also be included in the National Commissioner’s High Flyer programme and the Junior Management Core which forms part of the SAPS’ Turnaround Vision to encourage and enhance participative management and to invest in Human Resource Capital.

This day, therefore is the beginning of a new epoch as we draw closer to reach the objectives of the National Development Plan, Vision 2030 and is an expression of the SAPS’ commitment to entrench and advance a culture of capacitating and grooming its future through active involvement of the new SAPS generation. There is nothing more important than activating young minds to be part of progressive and meaningful programmes as they are the future leaders and possibly one of them can become the National Commissioner of the SAPS.

Proud men and women in blue on parade, use your new-found authority with great care and responsibility. Always work within the confines of the law that you have been appointed to uphold. At all times, be ethical and professional in the execution of your duties. Treat all people with the utmost respect and humility regardless of their race, gender, nationality, religion or age, and do not ever fall into any trap of criminality or corruption. You must leave this training institution as proud and incorruptible individuals and you must remain that way throughout your careers.

Once again welcome, and may you enjoy this important day with us as we celebrate new life and new blue blood within our beloved South African Police Service. May God bless you all.

Thank you.