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Police Safety Month dealt a blow with the assassination of two Western Cape officers

Media Statement by the Ministry of Police


WESTERN CAPE - Police Minister, General Bheki Cele has denounced the killing of two police officers in Cape Town.

A Sergeant in Khayelitsha and a Lieutenant Colonel in Bishop Lavis were both gunned down outside their homes this past week.

On Friday 18 September 2020, Lt Colonel Charl Kinnear was shot and killed by unknown gunmen, meters away from the driveway of his home.

At the time of his death, the Colonel was investigating high profile cases within the Anti-Gang Unit.

The brazen hit has sent shockwaves across the SAPS and the country.

Today, Minister Cele visited the family of the slain officer, where he assured the family that such a cowardice act will not be taken lying down.

“This officer was one of the good guys but was taken away by ruthless criminals that where feeling the heat through his investigations. This is why we will leave no stone unturned and will be bringing in more resources if needs be, so those responsible for this heinous crime are found.”

While an investigation into the murder of Kinnear is underway, Minister Cele assured his family that a second probe into his security detail will be undertaken.

"From the report I have received, this officer has been under threat for some time. He was provided with police protection but that was withdrawn at some point, now I want to know what informed that decision. This family deserves to know whether their father was failed and if so, heads must roll.”

The Minister believes an investigation into police protection for other detectives investigating high profile cases in the province must also be looked into.

General Cele will request the National Commissioner General Kehla Sithole to lead this process.

In Khayelitsha, Minister Cele visited the family of slain police officer Sergeant Thabile Mapoma.

The 43-year-old official was shot and killed outside his home on Thursday morning.

“Both the attacks further amplify my call to say, any attack on a police officer is at a direct attack on the state and is tantamount to treason. We will not rest until we deal decisively with those who choose to wage a war on the men and women in blue. – Cele concluded.

Police Safety Month is aimed at raising awareness about police safety.

The National commemoration of police officers who have died while on duty also takes place during this month.



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