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Vote of thanks by Deputy National Commissioner: Support Services, Lieutenant General Vuma at the International Women’s Day Celebrations


08 MARCH 2022

Programme Director
National Commissioner of the South African Police Service, General Sitole (SOEG)
Deputy National Commissioner: Crime Detection, Lieutenant General Ntshinga
Divisional Commissioner: Financial Management Services, Lieutenant General Dimpane
Divisional Commissioner; Human Resources Management, Lieutenant General Ntshiea
Eastern Cape Provincial Commissioner; Lieutenant General Mene
Mpumalanga Provincial Commissioner; Lieutenant General Manamela
IPID Executive Director; Ms Ntlatseng
POPCRU and SAPU representatives present
Polmed Principal Officer
Representatives from Metropolitan Health, Liberty Life and Sanlam
Women’s Network outgoing committee members, incoming committee members and all Women’s Network members
All SAPS members present
Ladies and gentlemen

Good evening. Sanibonani! Avuxeni! Lotjhani!

As SAPS management, we would like to thank all of you for gracing us with your presence here tonight. All of you could have chosen to spend the evening elsewhere but you chose to spend it here with us as we celebrate the International Women’s Day.

Let me also take this moment to congratulate all awards recipients for your meaningful contribution in the work that you do in the SAPS to ensure we step in one rhythm with our counterparts in other government departments through showcasing your excellence. You are exemplary servants of the people for all you have done and may you continue to let your light shine in all that you do.

I am glad that I am part of an organisation that recognises the value of gender transformation to ensure we work in a space where women are given opportunities to thrive, not just because they are women, but because they are capable. We have seen through various gender transformation initiatives that ours in the SAPS is not just a box-ticking exercise. I want to thank all the men and women in the SAPS who work hard to ensure the SAPS achieves its gender transformation agenda. I am sure all of you here tonight will agree with me that the SAPS cares. We are not just celebrating all the women in the SAPS tonight because it is required of us to so, but because we truly believe we need to give credit where it is due. And tonight, was such an opportunity. I am sure you will agree with me, especially members of Women’s Network present tonight that the SAPS does indeed value women in its employ, which is why we gathered here tonight to celebrate you.

Distinguished guests, please allow me to express my sincerest gratitude for joining us tonight. We remain eternally grateful for your support in all that we do, especially our Unions, POPCRU and SAPU, who often point out our blind spots that we may possibly miss in the course of our duties. Indeed, yours is to work with us to ensure we give not just the women in the SAPS but every SAPS employee, a conducive working environment. 

Representatives from Polmed, Metropolitan Helath, Liberty Life and Sanlam, our sincere gratitude to you for always supporting us in all that we do. Your support is not something that we value the most as SAPS management. We value and appreciate your support.

All of you present here tonight, we thank you indeed.