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Keynote address by the Deputy National Commissioner Policing: Lt Gen Mosikili at the Special Task Force passing out parade




07 MARCH 2024

  • Thank you Programme Director
  • Divisional Commissioner for Human Resource Development, Lt General (Dr) Zulu
  • The Component Head for Proactive Policing Services, Major General Pienaar
  • All senior officers present
  • Union representatives present
  • Members on parade
  • Members of the media
  • Ladies and gentlemen


Good morning to you all!

Let me take this opportunity to thank all members on parade today for the successful completion of their Special Task Force training, which is no easy feat. This event marks a special achievement by these committed, disciplined, strong and energetic 13 young people in camouflage uniform. They have completed the 37th Special Task Force Selection Training Programme and today qualify for their Special Task Force Operators Badge.

The members on parade are about to embark on their new careers in the South African Police Service with the Special Task Force or STF in short. They will add to the existing capacity of STF Operators that attend to high risk events such as hostage situations, kidnappings, cash-in-transit heists and illicit mining operations. Ladies and gentlemen, the STF deals with high risk operations that fall beyond the scope of general policing which require specialise skills. For this reason, the STF members on parade today underwent a rigorous training programme consisting of basic and some advanced training programmes; and successful completion of the training programme was not amended in any way.  This means that members on parade are indeed fully trained and 100% ready for deployment with Special Task Force operators, to serve and to protect our communities.

Members on parade, the intensive training that you have received coupled with your exceptional sense of discipline and commitment, must continue to shine through your duties as you are about to embark on your new careers in the STF.  Every law-abiding citizen with whom you are going to interact, must see you as someone who embodies the Special Task Force values. These values are honour, discipline, professionalism and commitment for service delivery. Members on parade, let me remind you that a great deal of authority has been bestowed upon you by the virtue of your highly specialised profession. By now, you know that with great authority comes great responsibility. You have the power to arrest and detain – meaning that you can take a person’s freedom away. This power must never be taken lightly or abused.   In addition, you are trained in special skills to fulfil your duties especially in life or death situations where a split second decision must be in the interest of your safety, that of your colleagues and the communities that you are going to serve.

The SAPS Code of Conduct which you have just recited, states clearly that you undertake to act with integrity and uphold the South African Constitution at all times. You need to embody the SAPS Code of Conduct at all times because it will help you to do your work within the confines of the law.

South Africa needs a Police Service with members that are loyal, disciplined, upright in character, patriotic and willing to serve the country with pride and dignity.

After your rigorous Special Task Force training, there is no doubt in my mind that you know being a member of the Special Task Force is a calling to serve the people of South Africa.  I call on you to continue to work hard and maintain discipline in the interest of fighting crime. Over and above discipline and commitment, you must treat each other with respect and act respectfully at all times.  Respect includes respect for the laws of our country including protocols and processes within the organisation.

Your desire to be part of this elite unit was tested throughout your training and you have proved yourself worthy of being part of this elite unit.

I would like to call upon you to wear your bullet-resistant vests at all times while on duty.  This is not a luxury or an option. Your bullet-proof vest is part of your uniform and you must wear it at all times when you are on duty.

Ladies and gentlemen, all members on parade have shown dedication and commitment to their profession. The STF selection criteria is very stringent and those who are selected, must prove their mettle throughout their intensive and rigorous training. The STF has been in existence for 47 years, and, over the years, only 15% of applicants are successful because the selection criteria is stringent as necessitated by the rigorous training that is involved..

In line with government’s National Development Plan, the SAPS is working towards Vision 2030 and part of this vision is that all our police officials must be professional individuals working within the confines of the law, upholding human rights while also rendering a quality professional service to communities. These are the issues that the members on parade are fully aware of.

Best wishes for what lies ahead, and more importantly, on the journey you are about to embark on. I have no doubt that you are equal to the tasks that you will be required to perform. All of us have every confidence in you that you will have meaningful and successful careers as STF members.

I thank you!