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Speaker notes for Minister of Police, General Bheki Cele at the opening of the NatJOINTS Coordination Centre in Pretoria


Minister of Defence and Military Veterans, Ms Thandi Modise;
Deputy Minister of Police, Mr Cassel Mathale;
DGs of various government departments in attendance
All other Co-Chairpersons of the Natjoints present;
All Deputy National Commissioners and Divisional Commissioners of the SAPS;
All members of the SAPS and representatives from the JCPS Cluster;
Members of the media;

Ladies and Gentlemen;

Good morning to you all.

It is an honour for me to be at this very important unveiling of the NATJOINTS Coordination Centre (NCC) housed at the country’s largest training college of the South African Police Service (SAPS)

The NCC is born from past experiences learnt, when government formulated a coordinated response to the COVID 19 pandemic.

In a race against time, as government we soon realized the importance of reconfiguring the way we would deal with the challenges of the deadly virus, as a collective.

The NCC underpins the ‘Whole of Government’ approach to the country’s security.

The opening of this Centre also comes just days before the country prepares for the May 29th National Elections.

So while the timing of the opening may be opportune, establishing a Nerve Centre of such magnitude, to house the National Joint Operational Intelligence Structures; has been a long time coming.

The Centre serves as a central point of contact for coordination of information.

It is here where the reporting of incidents and swift, prompt and coordinated response to any and every eventuality within the mandate on NATJOINTS will unfold.

Minister Modise,

We are told that this building that houses the NCC has been renovated and repurposed to meet all needs and purposes.

This process has taken four months.

The NATJOC, the NATJOC Secretriat will be housed here.

Meetings of the NATJOINTS and the JCPS DG’s as well as the Priority Committees and work streams established by the NATJOINTS will take place in the NCC.

The building layout not only accommodates the National Joint Operational Centre (NATJOC) but also facilities to accommodate one or more Mission Area Joint Operational Centres, known as (MAJOC).

Ladies and gentlemen,

This indeed is the heartbeat of South Africa’s intelligence structures.

The NCC has been fitted with necessary equipment and machinery as well as technology advancements to ensure all agencies work seamlessly with agility and in unison against any and every threat that may face the country.

The facility is fitted with state-of-the-art data network and communication systems as well as audio visual and advanced technical capabilities.

Basically, at all times this facility will ensure that optimal situational awareness is never compromised.

Such is critical for strategic, operational and tactical decision making and command direction of intelligence structures.

The NCC will also serve as the epicenter for the planning of all major events across the country, including the upcoming elections due to take place next Wednesday.

The facility is currently one of a kind within the JCPS cluster departments and contains technology not present in any other government facility in the country.

Once fully operational, including for the coming election operations, the NCC will accommodate representatives from 39 government departments, agencies, state owned enterprises, and private sector stakeholders within the NATJOC.

Its completion is planned to provide the JCPS and NATJOINTS with a suitable facility to exercise and ensure effective command and control oversight at a DG level.

This will be for the 2024 National Elections as well as the Presidential Inauguration.

Post-election, the NCC will continue to be utilised on a 24/7 and 365 basis as the main centre for NATJOINTS inter-departmental and inter-governmental activities and operations.

In conclusion,

There is no doubt that this fit for purpose facility will remain conducive to the effective functioning of the NATJOINTS and effectively the security Cluster as a whole.

This will benefit citizens of this country who can be assured that the NATJOINTS remains committed to service and protect law-abiding citizens and all those who live within our borders.

Again I wish to reassure South Africans that all hands are on deck to protect the rights of each voter before, during and after the elections.

And that law enforcement officers will continue to prevent and combat any acts of criminality or any actions that seek to undermine the rule of law or threaten lives or property.

I Thank you.



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