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Eastern Cape ready for the upcoming elections

Media Statement
Provincial Joint Operational and Intelligence Structure (ProvJOINTS)

EASTERN CAPE - With only hours remaining before South Africans exercise their democratic right to vote, it is all systems go for the Eastern Cape Province to hold the 2024 National and Provincial Government Elections commencing from tomorrow, 27 - 29 May 2024. The Eastern Cape Provincial Commissioner, Lt Gen Nomthetheleli Mene has today indicated that SAPS is ready to deploy sufficient members throughout the Province to ensure that the election process takes place peacefully at the 4 868 polling stations in the Province.

The Eastern Cape ProvJOINTS is a multi-stakeholder platform with representation from both the National and Provincial spheres. Its main objective is to provide support to all role players towards the smooth running of the election process.

“The safety and integrity of our election process are of paramount importance, and we have taken extensive measures to ensure a secure and peaceful voting environment. We would like to assure communities that all safety and security measures are in place and that every citizen in this Province can exercise their democratic right to vote in a safe and secure environment.  Certain areas have been identified as hotspot areas which we have categorized as low, medium or high-risk areas. We have put measures in place to mitigate any potential threats in accordance with the threat assessment. Deployments to these areas are in accordance with the level of risk identified through intensified operations. To meet the increased demand for security, we have deployed additional police officers throughout the Province. Maximum police members including specialised units will be deployed to the 4868 polling stations.”

“There will be zero tolerance for any form of criminal activity during the election period. This includes voter intimidation, fraud, violence, and any other action that could undermine the democratic process. Anyone found engaging in such activities will face swift and decisive action. We strongly condemn the spreading of fake news, unverified information, rumours or threats as it can cause panic or incite violence in some instances,” warned Lt Gen Mene.

It is an obligation of Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to ensure each South African citizen who is eligible to vote does so freely and fairly. We have been advised by the IEC that the number of voting stations has increased by fifty-nine (59), since the last Local Government Elections (LGE) from four thousand eight hundred and nine (4 809) to four thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight (4 868). The increase inevitably made us to be more focused and intentional in our planning.

The IEC has confirmed that the Elections will take place throughout the province as follows;

  • 4 775 Permanent Voting Station
  • 93 Voting Stations
  • 111 Voting Centres
  • 10 Mobile Voting Stations

The contracting of all voting stations including survey of available infrastructure is complete. Section 181(3) of the Constitution, 1996, mandates other organs of state through Legislative and other measures, to assist and protect Chapter 9 Institutions to ensure their independence, impartiality, dignity, and effectiveness. This is the basis of the sectoral assistance provided to the IEC to render free and fair elections.

As Eastern Cape has in recent times experienced numerous impacts of small, medium to large scale disasters, we commend the effort by Provincial government in attending to all infrastructure challenges that could have impeded voters not to exercise their democratic right to vote in a conducive environment. To this end, through COGTA, Provincial government has delivered on its mammoth responsibility by providing support to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) towards attaining free and fair elections in our Province.

Furthermore, for those in need of their ID documents or have lost them and need temporal IDs, Home Affairs offices will be opened throughout the Province during the election period. Office hours will be as follows:

  • 27 May 2024, from 07:30am – 19:00
  • 28 May 2024, from 07:30am – 19:00
  • 29 May 2024, from 07:00am – 21:00

“Every law enforcement officer has a responsibility and an obligation to execute their mandate professionally, impartially and with integrity, and to do so within the confines of the law,” concluded Lt Gen Nomthetheleli Mene. Law enforcement officers are A-Political and will execute their duties without fear or favour. Together, we can ensure that the elections are conducted in a manner that reflects the true spirit of a democratic South Africa – peacefully, fairly and safely. Once again, as law enforcement institutions under the umbrella of PROVJOINTS, we send a strong message to those whose intention is to disrupt the IEC in carrying its work that they will face the full-might of the law.


Colonel Priscilla Naidu
071 362 8726

Mr Mamnkeli Ngam (COGTA – EC)
071 685 7981 and

Mr Ndlelantle Pinyana (GCIS)
076 142 8606.

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