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News: Police condemn reporting of false cases

Media Statement from Limpopo Media Centre
Corporate Communication and Liaison
South African Police Service

The South African Police Service in this Province is condemning the tendency by some of the community members who are still fond of reporting false cases to the Police with the strongest terms.

This condemnation by the Police is emanating from the incident where three (03) suspects aged between 20 and 41 were arrested for perjury after a false armed robbery was reported to the Saps Rakgoadi outside Groblersdal.

It is alleged that a passer-by phoned the police informing them that he sees a bakery Truck at the side of the road near Moeding village with the driver and his crew tied up with ropes.

The Police reacted swiftly and untied the two victims. Initial Police investigations ensued until it was uncovered that there was no armed robbery which took place. The police are investigating the possibility that this might have been a planned fake robbery that would have resulted in these suspects getting the money they earlier collected.

Further Police investigations have revealed five (05) other suspects involved in this matter and three (03) of them were traced and arrested in Tafelkop and Lucau areas respectively.

Another portion of the money which was falsely robbed during this incident was recovered from these arrested suspects.

The remaining two (02) suspects who are known are still on the run and the manhunt is still continuing.

The suspects will appear before the Groblersdal Magistrate Court soon.

The Police investigations are still continuing.

Members of the community are warned and cautioned to refrain from these irresponsible acts because it is redirecting the Police resources unnecessarily to where they are not needed instead of them serving the needy communities who are real crime victims.

This misuse of state resources by this unscrupulous individuals must stop abruptly otherwise the long arm of the law is going to deal with them mercilessly and without compromise.



Media enquiries: Lieutenant Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe - 082 414 2088 / 082 304 3686


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