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Missing Persons: Detail page

Aaron Fanaza Thwala


Aaron Fanaza 7645533  
Missing Circumstances:

The sister noticed that the missing person, her brother acted strangely almost like a mentally ill person during 2015.  The sister visited her brother and realized that brother are missing.   The daughter only saw the missing person when he watered his backyard. 


Missing Date: 2015/06/15
Gender: Male
Eye Colour: Unknown
Hair Colour: Unknown
Height: 0 m
Weight: 0 kg
Build: Unknown
Station: Kanyamazane (Mpumalanga)
Circulation Number: 2/3/2019 / 2019/M/1437
Station Telephone: 013-7949712, 013-7946101
Investigating Officer: Sergeant PD Mashoana
Contact nr: 013 794 9747
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