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The South African Police Service wishes to introduce the South African Police Service Education Trust (SAPSET).  The need was identified to provide financial assistance to the children of SAPS employees that die in the execution of official duties and on duty by financing the costs of their educational needs.  The children of SAPS employees that die in the execution of official duties are a main concern for the Management of the South African Police Service, due to the fact that, in many instances children are left destitute, also in respect of educational needs and the costs associated with schooling and tertiary education.  This situation is more prevalent in respect of non-commissioned officers. 

Main Objective of SAPSET

The main objective of the Trust is to create a fund for the provisioning of financial or any other form of assistance to a child or children of a member of the South African Police Service employed under the Police Act as well as the Public Service Act that died in the execution of official duties or on duty, by financing the costs of such child’s or children’s educational needs. The resource support and financial assistance entails a discretionary payment by the Trust on behalf of a child or children to an institution recognized, approved and accredited by the Department of Basic Education (Grade R to Grade 12) or the Department of Higher Education and Training (Tertiary Education).


The National Commissioner of the South African Police Service or any person appointed in his or her stead is the Founder and Patron of the Trust.

Board of Trustees

The Trust Deed provides for the appointment of a Board of Trustees.  The Board of Trustees shall have general control of the Trust assets and shall strive to attain the objectives for which the Trust was established:  The Board of Trustees was appointed by the founder as follows:

  • Father S Mkhatshwa (Chairperson) as the Chairperson
  • Honourable Justice Y Mokgoro
  • Mrs NY Mhinga
  • Ms N Mtoba
  • Lieutenant General LE Beetha (Retired)

Executive Committee Members

The Trust Deed also provides for the appointment of an Executive Committee which will be vested with the powers and function of the Founder. The following Senior Commissioned Officers have been appointed by the Founder to serve as the Executive Committee of the SAPS Education Trust: Lieutenant General BC Mgwenya (Chairperson)
  • Lieutenant General L Ntshiea
  • Lieutenant General NS Mkhawanazi
  • Lieutenant General PA Ramikosi

Operational Setup of the SAPSET

Operationally the SAPSET operates as an independent legal entity. Chief Director CM Hendricks and Brigadier NP Sithole have been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Executive Secretary of the Trust whereas the other administrative personnel has been seconded from the SAPS to the SAPS Education Trust to administer and manage the operationalizing activities of the Trust, which includes the:

  • Processing all financial, procurement, and other such administration operations of the SAPSET.
Types of Support

Financial Assistance:
The provision of financial assistance by the Trust is discretionary and subject to the availability of funds. Capped amounts were decided upon for financial assistance toward Tuition and School fees only.

Non-Financial Assistance:
  • Resource Support: Some Beneficiaries is in a no fee school and are therefore requesting assistance with stationery and Uniform. Currently the personnel of SAPSET are doing their own fundraising initiatives to raise funds to assist with stationary and uniform for the children attending no fee schools.

  • Welfare Support:
    Referrals: The SAPSET refer any reported by from parents, beneficiaries and or schools to the SAPS Employee Health and Wellness office to send a specialist (Social Worker, Spiritual worker and or Psychologist) to attend to the respective client.

  • Employment Support:
    The SAPSET office is trying to assist graduated students to be afforded an opportunity for an Internships Programme in relations to the beneficiary’s field of study. Internship opportunities are requested from within the SAPS environment or externally. The SAPSET office is also trying to assist graduated students to be afforded a permanent employment opportunity in relations to the studies of the beneficiary.


The SAPSET values are:
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Honesty
  • Accountability
  • Compassion

The vision of the Trust is “To be an organisation which provides the best education and training for the development of children of members deceased in the line of duty”.


The mission to the Trust is to “Effectively and efficiently provide and manage resource support for the education of children of members deceased in the line of duty”.


The Trust’s values are:

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Honesty
  • Compassion

Financial Assistance and Fundraising

Partnerships and support is fundamental to the success of SAPSET. SAPSET invites everybody to consider partnering with us through sponsorship and perhaps other forms of support. Your partnership would go a long way in changing and transforming the lives of the SAPS orphans.  Your partnership would help sponsor a child’s education, uniform, and help support their basic educational needs.

The Trust Deed provides for the disbursement of funds subject to an application procedure. In this regard, guidelines for the SAPS Education Trust have been formulated and approved by the Board of Trustees. The Trust Deed empowers the Trustees to accept for the purpose for the Trust any donations, gifts and sponsorships from any person, firm or company. Fundraising is critical for the existence and sustainability of the SAPS Education Trust.

Fundraising initiatives will also entail the identification of potential donors, sponsors and partnerships.

Banking Details of the SAPSET

The banking details of the SAPS Education Trust are as follows:

Name of Account holder: Nedbank
Account Name: SAPS Education Trust
Account No: 1003359825
Branch: Bellville, The Bridge
Branch Code: 198765
Reference: Company Name / Persal No

SAPS Education Trust Application Form


Contact Details

SAPS Education Trust Desk

Office NED 213
2nd Floor, Tulbach Park,
Corner Jan Shoba and Stanza Bopape Street
Hatfield, Pretoria

Contact Details
For any further information, contact the nodal point at 012 432 7581/7630
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