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Unknown Unknown


Unknown 1942727  
Crime: Rape
Crime Circumstances:

The victim alleges that she boarded a taxi on 2015-03-08 at about 23:15 in Graighall Park, on her way to Sandton. The taxi was a grey Mercedes Benz with unknown registration number with the driver as the only occupant. Whilst driving towards Sandton in Wendy and Hillcrest Street, the driver informed the victim that the vehicle was having mechanical problems. The Suspect then stopped the vehicle, went to the left front side door, opened the door and instructed the lady to pull off her clothes while threatening her with a knife. Victim was allegedly raped, thrown out of the vehicle and the suspect fled the scene. Suspect is unknown to the victim but and identity kit of him was compiled.

Crime Date: 2015/08/03
Aliases: 0
Gender: Male
Eye Colour: Unknown
Hair Colour: Unknown
Height: 0 m
Weight: 0 kg
Build: Unknown
Station: Linden (Gauteng)
Case Number: 211/4/2015
Station Telephone: 011-8889211, 011-8889212
Investigating Officer: Serg M Batakati
Contact nr: 0114071600
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