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Unknown 4231193  
Crime: Rape
Crime Circumstances:

On 15 October 2016 at about 22:00 the victim was hitch-hiking next to Chisa Mpama area in Siyabuswa, Mpumalanga when a white Toyota Avanza stopped with three male occupants. The driver told her that they will take her to her place of residence. While driving one male covered her face with a cloth from behind and all the victim could hear were the men planning what they must and will do with her.  She heard one of the suspects saying that they must drive with her towards the new graveyards bush. When the car came to a standstill she was allegedly repeatedly raped by all three men and was left at the scene after been robbed of all the valuable possessions she carried. The men are unknown to her and the registration of the vehicle is also unknown. One identity kit of one of the suspects was constructed.

Crime Date: 2016/10/15
Aliases: Unknown
Gender: Male
Eye Colour: Unknown
Hair Colour: Unknown
Height: 0 m
Weight: 0 kg
Build: Unknown
Station: Siyabuswa
Case Number: 130/10/2016
Station Telephone: 013-9731942, 013-9731226
Investigating Officer: Serg ME Maganedisa
Contact nr: 0139475418 or 0724123045
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