The Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation


Why must I report certain types of crimes?

The Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act of 2004 (Act 12 of 2004) as amended places a duty on certain persons to report corruption, and other offences, described in the act. It is an offence not to report these crimes.

Does reporting in terms of Section 34 replace laying of a charge?

NO, it does not. A criminal case should still be made with the local Police Station at the Community Service Centre (CSC). The reporting of corruption and other related offences is a duty placed on persons holding a position of Authority to ensure that no cases “slip through the net” and to enable the DPCI to understand the full nature and extent of the crimes so targeted in order to develop and deploy the most efficient and best coordinated responses to the different crimes. This would include ensuring that there is no duplication in the efforts by Government to address these cases. The purpose of the reporting is therefore primarily focused on gaining and building intelligence.