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Child Abuse
I hear many people talking about child abuse but I am not sure what it is.
There are different kinds of abuse like sexual; physical and emotional abuse. Neglecting a child is also a form of abuse.

Parents Tips
Child Physical Abuse is the Intentional Infliction of an Injury on a Child. These are Indicators that a Child is Being Physically Abused:

Physical indicators of physical child abuse
  • Bite marks
  • Bruises on uncommonly injured body surfaces
  • Lacerations
  • Burns
  • High incidence of accidents or frequent injuries.
  • Fractures/broken bones in unusual places such as the skull, ribs etc
  • Injuries, swellings to face and extremities
  • Discolouration of skin
  • Blunt-instrument marks
  • Human hand marks
  • Multiple injuries at different stages of healing
  • Evidence of poor care/failure to thrive
Behavioural indicators of physical child abuse:
The child:

  • Avoids physical contact with others
  • Is apprehensive when other children cry
  • Wears clothing to purposely conceal injury, such as long sleeves
  • Refuses to undress for sport or for required physical exams at school
  • Give inconsistent versions about occurrences of injuries
  • Seems frightened of parents
  • Is often late/absent from school
  • Comes to school early and seems reluctant to go home afterwards
  • Has difficulty getting along with others
  • Plays aggressively and often hurts peers
  • Complains of pain upon movement or contact
  • Has a history of running away from home
Children’s rights
  • I have the right to a loving and caring family, a proper safe and comfortable home, clothing and healthy food
  • I have the right to be told the house rules of where I live
  • As a child, I should not be forced to work
  • I have the right to an education suitable to my aptitudes and abilities
  • I have the right to a say in my care, and any changes to how I am cared for, according to my age & maturity
  • I have the right to get special care for special needs
  • I have the right to be protected from hurt
  • I have the right to good health care if I am sick and to be kept away from cigarettes, alcohol & drugs
  • I am a real person and have a right to be treated properly
  • I have the right to be taken seriously and to make mistakes
  • I have the right to my own religion and culture
  • I have a right to my name and my nationality
  • I have the right to be treated the same, no matter what my colour, race, gender, language or religion
  • I have the right to be proud of my heritage and beliefs
  • I have the right to speak and be heard
  • I have the right to send and receive private mail that is not read or opened by others
  • I have the right to privacy
  • I have the right to own my own things
  • I have the right to speak and visit in private with my family or any other person like my big friend, a person representing me like my social worker or my lawyer
  • I have a right to a lawyer in courtrooms and hearings affecting my future
  • I have a right to live in a nice place and not be put in prison or in a police cell
  • I have the right to know what my rights are