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The SAPS has a commitment to women.

If you have been the victim of crime we will:

  • treat you with respect and dignity;

  • take whatever steps necessary to investigate your case;

  • give you regular feedback on your case;

  • inform you of available victim support services in your area;

  • inform you of the procedure that must be followed in your case; and

  • treat any information you give us as confidential

The SAPS has a commitment to its members

The SAPS undertakes to:

  • provide equal opportunities to all its personnel;

  • empower women;

  • sustain gender equity in the workplace;

  • render employee assistance to all personnel;

  • enable women to function optimally and realize their career aspirations in the SAPS.

  • The empowerment of women enhances service delivery at all levels as women and men carry the workload together.

Let us stand together and build a people’s contract for a safe and secure South Africa.

Report crimes against women. Call SAPS Crime Stop 08 600 10111