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Fireworks are regulated in terms of Section 30 of the Explosives Act, 1956 (Act No 26 of 1956). The Explosives Act and Explosives Regulations are administered by the Explosives Section of the South African Police Service. Members of the community are urged to abide by these laws and to report any defiance to the South African Police Service.

Keep the following in mind when handling fireworks:

  • When purchasing fireworks, get it from shops that are licenced, as these shops comply with the relevant sections of the Explosives Act, which regulates the usage of fireworks and explosives.
  • By buying from licenced shops, users will have avoided using the category of fireworks that are illegal.
  • Legitimate fireworks dealer shops are identifiable by the signs “DEALER IN FIREWORKS” written in red letters in their shops. If a dealer does not have the sign lease report them immediately to the South African Police Service.
  • Some of the illegal fireworks are identifiable by names such as “Indian Kings”, “Classic Foils”, “Square Bombs” and “Cherry Bombs”. Users must stay clear of those and report the sellers immediately.
  • In instances whereby minors are using fireworks they must do so under the supervision of adults.
  • Fireworks must be used in designated areas, never use in crowded areas, never use them indoors and see to it that your pets and those of your neighbours have been well secured.