What is sexting?

Sexting is the act of sending a picture/photograph or yourself naked or semi-naked by using electronic means. It also involves sending flirtatious or sexual messages to others, often using acronyms and abbreviations.

What are the dangers of sexting?

What can I do to protect my child?

Typically, sexting takes place in private and is therefore difficult to prevent, but there are some safety tips to help you deal with the situation:

Sexting acronyms:

Sexting or flirtatious messages are common in text messaging and teens often use acronyms to hide what they are saying from parents. Here is a list of some of the most commonly used acronyms:

Warning: these terms are of a sexual nature

8 - Oral Sex
143 - I Love You
cu46 - See You For Sex
DUM - Do You Masturbate?
GNOC - Get Naked On Cam
GYPO - Get Your Pants Off
GNRN - Get Naked Right Now
IWS - I Want Sex
RUH - Are You Horny?
TDTM - Talk Dirty To Me
S2R - Send To Receive
NIFOC - Naked In Front Of Computer
SorG - Straight Or Gay?
JO - Jerk Off
PAW - Parents Are Watching
PIR - Parent In Room
POS - Parent Over Shoulder
YWS - You Want Sex
WYCM - Will You Call Me?
(L)MIRL - (Let us) meet in real life
MOS - Mom Over Shoulder
P911 - Parent emergency
PRON - Porn
FYEO - For Your Eyes Only