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1250 Arrests in the past week in King Willaim's Town welcomed by Police Management

Media Statement from Eastern Cape Media Centre
Corporate Communication
South African Police Service


Efforts to eradicate lawlessness, improve the safety of our citizens through targeted deployment of members throughout the province yielded successes with more than 1250 arrests in the past week.

Three hundred of these arrests were for contact crimes like theft from a motor vehicle, robbery, assault, and property crimes. Twenty one (21) suspects were arrested for murder, 143 for assault GBH and 25 suspects for rape are expected to appear in various courts in the province throughout the week.

Drugs and alcohol abuse are one of the key contributors in the commission and increase of crime, therefore police have a responsibility to monitor compliance to alcohol trade and eradicating the illegal manufacture of alcohol and drugs including peddling of drugs within our communities.  In addition to 57 liquor trading outlets were visited and 23 were found to be not complying fully with the liquor trade license regulations.

Police searched 195 people for drugs and dangerous weapons and the police recovered 233 dangerous weapons that included knives, axes, dagga, homemade sword and knobkerries with sharp objects. Drugs including 309 dagga plants were uprooted, 75grams of cocaine, 100grams of crack cocaine and a kilo gram of khat were intercepted at the hands of dealers before it reached its intended users and confiscated by the police. 

The fight against proliferation of illegal weapons and ammunition was also boosted with arrest of 150 suspects for illegal possession of firearms (17) and ammunition (123). The weapons included three (3) homemade guns, 11 revolver pistols, three rifles and 123 units of ammunition. All confiscated firearms will be sent for ballistic tests to ascertain whether the weapons were not used earlier in commission of crime.

A collaboration between the police and Traffics Services aimed to ensure road safety and compliance to road rules achieved through vehicle stop and checks on major roads throughout the province was also fruitful. Ten(10) suspected stolen vehicles were recovered during this week long anti-crime operation with , one hundred and seventeen (117) J534 fines were issued,  traffic fines worth R9 000 and 21 warrants were executed. Sixty (60) drivers were arrested for driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol and are expected to appear in court soon.

Counterfeit goods ranging from sportswear, t-shirts, jeans and caps were seized from illegal traders stored in containers, no one was arrested but police investigation continues.

These operations will continue and police plead with the members of the public to be patient as all of these operations resulting in temporary inconvenience are done to ensure that our citizens in the province are and feel safe. Police are full of gratitude for the overwhelming support and collaboration received from various members of the public. Eastern Cape Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Ntshinga welcomed these successes and re-affirmed that the positive outcomes emanating from these day to day  operations is a result of a healthy partnership that exist between the police and the public. 




Media enquiries: Captain Khaya Thonjeni - 071 3886272