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Speaker’s Notes: General Sitole farewell gala dinner of Lieutenant Generals Kruser and Nkomo

Gauteng; 23 February 2018


Programme Director
Our guests of honor, Lieutenant General Kruser and Lieutenant General Nkomo
Deputy National Commissioners
Divisional, Regional and Provincial Commissioners
Deputy Provincial Commissioners
SAPS’s senior management
Old Mutual
All other members of the SAPS present
Family members of our beloved generals

Ladies and gentlemen, good evening to all who came from far and wide to attend this farewell gala dinner. Firstly, I wish to dedicate this auspicious evening to two extraordinary people or shall I rather say two role models of integrity, patriotism and selfless service, Lieutenant General Johannah Madikotsi Nkomo and Lieutenant General Gary John Kruser.

It is an honor and privilege to address you tonight on behalf of the Department of Police as we bid farewell to two individuals who dedicated a remarkable part of their lives to this organization.

Generals, your commitment and loyalty to the SAPS and the people of South Africa are commended and this occasion is but a mere token of appreciation for all the sacrifices and the long hours you have spent working tirelessly to professionalise the SAPS and its employees and to curb crime in our country. Allow me to add my voice to those who already said so many great things on the achievements of these two individuals.

Ladies and gentlemen, as you all know by now, Lieutenant General Nkomo has resigned from the SAPS to serve a higher calling. She was appointed as the new police chief of the Tshwane Metro Police Department earlier this month and I want to take this opportunity to congratulate her on this outstanding achievement. We are very proud to be associated with one of our own who excelled during her career in the SAPS and in her personal capacity. She served the SAPS with distinction for thirty four years having been appointed in 1984. We look forward to continue working with her in her new capacity in the fight against crime.

She has a National Diploma in Police Administration and a Masters degree in Law and is an admitted advocate of the High Court. Her illustrious career started in the Community Service Centre in Soshanguve and she has gained extensive knowledge and experience in all policing fields. Her exceptional leadership qualities were noticed during her early career years by her peers and commanders and she served in many management positions in different business units.

At the junior rank of a sergeant she was appointed as the Section Commander of the Enquiry Unit in Soshanguve during the early nineties and then proceeded to the Phuthanong satellite police station where she was second in charge. From 1995 to 2000 she served as a group leader and investigating officer at the Serious and Violent Crime Unit, Head office in the ranks of Captain and then Superintendent.

From 2000 to 2003 she expanded her career scope as a superintendent and worked at Strategic and Project Management Service Head Office and thereafter as a senior legal administration officer who provided operational legal advice to the Detective and Intelligence Services. In 2003 she was promoted to a Director as the Legal Service Section Head, Property and Asset management, Head Office. In 2005 she was promoted to the rank of Assistant Commissioner as the Deputy Provincial Commissioner: Detective and Intelligence in Mpumalanga.

From 2007 to 2009 she served in different capacities namely as the Station Commander of Witbank, the Station Commander of Sunnyside and the Cluster Commander of Sunnyside. During 2009 she was appointed as the Head: Firearm, Liquor and Second Hand Goods Control and in 2011 as the Head: Auxiliary Services and Loss Management.

During 2012 to 2013 she filled both the positions of the Acting and then Deputy Police Commissioner of the United Mission in South Sudan and in 2016 she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General as the Divisional Commissioner: Detective Service, a post she retained until she recently resigned.

Lieutenant General Gary John Kruser joined the then South African Police, Static Guard Unit - or National Protection Service as it was later named - in 1994 during the amalgamation process of the statutory and non-statutory forces. In 1995 he was appointed in the rank of a Brigadier in the position of the Head of Operational Functions: National Protection Services. He progressed in the ranks and was appointed as an Assistant Commissioner in 1999 as the Head of Visible Policing where he served until 2004.

During 2004 he was appointed in the post of the Divisional Commissioner of Training, known as Human Resource Development today, and occupied the post until 2010 when he was appointed as the Divisional Commissioner of Supply Chain Management. In 2016 he was appointed as the Deputy National Commissioner of Management Intervention. A true manifestation of his knowledge, skills, abilities and attributes is evident in his latest business development, the establishment of the SAPS’ Management Intervention which is responsible for ensuring the design, development and execution of professional knowledge based management of policing intervention toward achieving the outcomes and impact of the constitutional objectives of the SAPS.

Lieutenant General Kruser holds a Bachelors Degree in Policing Practices, a diploma in advanced Security Management, certificate in Risk Management and Project management.

Ladies and gentlemen, the extensive experience, skills and knowledge of these Generals equipped them to lead and serve with confidence and distinction and they will be sorely missed. The words uttered tonight will never suffice in capturing their outstanding performance, commitment and selfless service to the SAPS. Generals, we will forever be grateful for what you have accomplished during your careers as it paved the way for us that stay behind. You have been sterling examples and role models not only for those who worked closely with you but for everyone in the SAPS.

It was an honor and privilege to work with you. I have no doubt that as you move into a new era of your lives, that you will make a positive and lasting impact on everyone you come in contact with as you did in the SAPS. Your career has been nothing short of inspirational and your work ethics nothing short of motivational and you will always be remembered for that. As we say farewell to you, may health, joy, success, happiness and prosperity follow you and your families wherever you may go throughout your life.

Thank you