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Police dog, Bruno succumbs to cancer: Port Elizabeth


Media Statement from Eastern Cape Media Centre
Corporate Communication

South African Police Service


Droopy tails and teary eyes could be seen at the K9 Unit in Port Elizabeth yesterday afternoon, 29 June 2018, when one of our four legged colleagues was laid to rest. Bruno, a patrol and explosive dog succumbed to bone cancer after almost two years of suffering.

Bruno was diagnosed about two years ago but after receiving treatment, he was able to continue with active duties until last month (May).  His handler, Sgt Shaun Dicks noticed that Bruno was again starting to limp on his left front leg and took him back to the vet for further tests. The tests confirmed that the cancer had returned and he was taken off duty to rest and spend his final moments at the home of Sgt Dicks. On Wednesday, 27 June 2018 his situation deteriorated and on Friday, doctors had no option but to relieve him of his pain.

Bruno, a Rottweiler was with Sergeant Dicks for 8 years and was instrumental in many an arrest. ‘It was really a sad moment to make the decision to let him go. He was my buddy for the last 8 years and together we made several arrests including suspects for serious and violent crimes. I am really going to miss him, but at least he is no longer in agony,’ added Sgt Dicks. Sgt Dicks and Bruno won the National Tracker Awards in 2017.

There's definitely something special between dogs and their handlers and it's called loyalty and unconditional love. As Bruno crosses the rainbow bridge, his colleagues in the SAPS is grateful for his dedication, bravery and loyal actions in contributing in creating a safe and secure environment for his human beings.   He will be sorely missed by his community and the people who knew him.


Media Enquiries: Col Priscilla Naidu -  0713628726


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