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Appeal for community assistance to avert gate-motor thefts


Media Statement from Eastern Cape Media Centre
Corporate Communication and Liaison

South African Police Service

Police have noted with concern the spike on theft of the (gate-motors) in parts of Cambridge policing precinct.

Police would want to believe that there are people perpetrating this spate of property theft. It is also our responsibility to educate the members of the community to practice proactive measures to prevent this crime.

We further urge our partners against crime like, private security companies, neighbourhood watches and community police forum members to assist us during their patrols. They need to be extra cautious as the theft of (gate-motors) also has a potential to leave homes vulnerable to other elements of crime.

We have intensified our patrols and visibility in the affected areas. We appeal to the members of the public not to buy these stolen (gate-motors). Registered second hand goods dealers must exercise caution and observe compliance when buying (gate-motors) and any other second hand goods as non-compliance is punishable by law.

Let us not buy these second hand (gate-motors), instead let's report such conduct to the nearest police station. Buying stolen property creates a market for crime and constitutes a criminal offence that is punishable by the State.

Police will arrest the buyers and sellers of stolen goods.

Any person with information about the perpetrators of this crime to contact the Cambridge police station at 043 709 7500 or Cime Stop number on 08600 10111.


Enquiries: Captain Nkosikho Mzuku - 082 301 7345