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Members who went beyond the call of duty commended


Media Statement from Eastern Cape Media Centre
Corporate Communication and Liaison

South African Police Service

ZWELITSHA: Eastern Cape SAPS recognized sixteen members and awarded commendation certificates for going beyond the call of duty in execution of their duty.

These sixteen members from Tsolo, Elliot, Maclear, Mthatha,East London and Mdantsane were recognised during  a strategic planning session today attended by stakeholders from other government departments, Premier’s office, Nelson Mandela Metro Police, Ipid, CPF, Sars, SSA, traffic, Post Office and police unions to name just a few.

This three day gathering is aimed at analysing our efforts as the province in the fight against crime, suggest strategic interventions to improve the situation while exploring all other remedies to fight crime.

The session began this morning at Provincial Headquarters at Griffiths Mxenge building in Zwelitsha.

Provincial Commissioner, Lt Gen Ntshinga Lt Gen Ntshinga, also took this opportunity to hand over commendation certificates to members who have 'excelled and went beyond the call of duty in undertaking their duty' as a way of reinforcing good conduct and rewarding good performance. 

The first group is a recent incident that happened in Tsolo where a taxi driver was hijacked, murdered and his Quantum was stolen last week. The police worked hard and as a team resulting in the arrest of suspect and recovery of the deceased and stolen vehicle. The suspect is facing charge of possession of suspected stolen goods, murder and hijacking.

The last group to receive commendation certificates were East London K9 members and Flying Squad who helped foil a robbery on 07 January 2019 at Fleet in East London. Working with a backup team from Mdantsane. Through this collaborative effort three suspects were arrested and case is in court.

The last group from Mthatha Flying squad where an old man was hijacked with his daughter's demanding a ransom. The three were rescued from the abductors.


Enquiries Captain Kaya Tonjeni- 071 388 6272


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