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PE K9 Unit arrest suspect for theft of solar panels

Media Statement
South African Police Service
Office of the Provincial Commissioner Eastern Cape


PORT ELIZABETH - Continuous theft of cables and solar panels from the Port Elizabeth airport has prompted aviation authorities to seek urgent intervention from the South African Police Service.

It is alleged that in a matter of six weeks, 28 solar panels were stolen from the airport. The theft of these panels pose a serious threat to communication between the aircrafts and tower control.

During the early hours of Thursday morning, 12 September 2019 at 02:15, PE K9 unit responded to a complaint of theft in progress at Port Elizabeth Airport., where it was alleged that 4 suspects were busy cutting the fence to gain entrance to the airport. A description was given of the suspects who after seeing the airport security, ran into the bushes.

The members tactically advanced into the bush and spotted the suspects. After being warned several times to stop, Sgt Wallace Kettledas released his dog Bentley. A 19-year-old suspect was arrested while the others managed to flee.

The suspect was detained on charges relating to the Aviation and Airport Security Related Issues Act 13 of 2009 and Malicious Damage to Property. He is expected to appear in court soon.



Col Priscilla Naidu