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Update: Two more suspects arrested for possession of large amounts of money believed to have been stolen during a CIT robbery that occurred in Burgersfort, Limpopo on 28 September 2020

                  Media Statement
                    South African Police Service
                        Office of the National Commissioner

The Limpopo Tracing Team followed up on information provided by Crime Intelligence and went to a house in Metz, Ga-Sekororo the home one of the outstanding alleged CIT robbers. The police did not find the suspect but upon searching the house, they recovered large amount of money.

An elderly woman aged 61 and her 27-year-old son were placed under arrest for possession of suspected stolen money and money laundering as they failed to explain who the cash belonged to. The police also confiscated two Toyota Quatums and one Volkswagen combi as well a National Defence Force uniform. The suspects will appear in Lenyenye Magistrates Court soon.


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Colonel Brenda Muridili
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