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Appreciation poster presented to SAPS Mount Road by kids


Media Statement
South African Police Service
Office of the Provincial Commissioner Eastern Cape

MOUNT ROAD - A child’s first encounter with a policeman or woman can have a lasting effect on how they view the police therefore it is important that the first contact with children will have a lasting positive effect in shaping their attitudes.

SAPS Mount Road Sector managers share very good relationships with their local schools and crèches and during one of their many crime awareness talks they were presented with a poster from the children at Wonderwerkies Creche in Newton Park.

They acknowledged that the SAPS are heroes in their eyes and are appreciated for their daily sacrifice to serve and protect them.

Thank you SAPS Mount Road for your passion and enthusiasm which is vital in building confidence, trust and respect of our children at an early age.

The poster is proudly displayed in the Police Station Community Service Centre.


Colonel Priscilla Naidu
071 3628726


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