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Witness in murder case sought

Media Statement
South African Police Service

Office of the Provincial Commissioner of Free State

On Saturday, 06 May 2015 at about 05:15 the deceased Theo van Wyk arrived at his residential place Elangeni Complex in Bloemfontein.  He knocked and whilst waiting for his wife to open the door, he was attacked with a blunt object on the head.  His wife opened the door and found him lying motionless next to the door.

Parkweg Police launched a manhunt and a suspect was arrested and charged with murder.

During the investigation, witness statements were obtained and one particular witness, Mr Denaldro Slinger +/- 32-year-old, was interviewed and his testamony will be heard in court when the case goes on trial from 30 August 2021 to 03 September 2021, but the police are unable to get hold of him and trace his whereabouts since he changed his residential address and contact details.

The team is pleading to Mr Denaldro Slinger or anyone who knows him to contact Captain Kelaotswe Lebodu of Bayswater SAPS in Bloemfontein on 082 466 8618 urgently to prepare for court.


Colonel Thandi Mbambo
082 455 6030