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Accused sentenced in the Western Cape High Court to 20 years' behind bars

Media Statement
South African Police Service
Office of the Provincial Commissioner Western Cape

CAPE TOWN - Western Cape SAPS management welcomes the hefty sentence imposed on 32-year-old Ayanda August for his involvement in a foiled armed robbery in Gugulethu.

Reports suggested that three males attempted to rob a liquor store in KTC during June 2018 in broad daylight. The complainant left the business premises in possession of an undisclosed amount of cash, when unknown suspects fired numerous gunshots at the vehicle, fatally wounding a 10-year-old boy and injuring a three-year-old boy and a 42-year-old male.

The investigating officer went the proverbial extra mile gathering information in a bid to ensure a breakthrough. Thorough investigation led to the arrest of two suspects. The investigating officer successfully opposed bail for both suspects. As a seasoned investigating officer, Lt Col Julian Tarentaal shifted his focus to the employees of the business where the crime occurred. His suspicion was confirmed when he arrested and detained two employees in 2019. The investigating officer stood his ground in court facing a marathon of questions from the defence attorney. The suspect Ayanda August entered a plea bargain against accused three and accused four, whilst accused number two died whilst in prison.

On Wednesday 10 May 2023, the accused in the matter was sentenced in the Western Cape High court to an effective twenty years’ behind bars.


Warrant Officer Joseph Swartbooi
071 604 8321