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Police Constable arrested for shooting his colleague, a Sergeant

Media Statement
South African Police Service
Office of the Provincial Commissioner KwaZulu-Natal


DURBAN – The Provincial Commissioner of KwaZulu-Natal Lieutenant General Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi has encouraged police officers to make use of internal Employee Health and Wellness (EHW) programmes to maintain a sound and sober state of mind at all times and avoid resorting to violence as a form of resolving issues.

This comes after police in Nsuze arrested one of their own, a 40-year-old Constable after he allegedly shot and killed his colleague, a Sergeant inside a Community Service Centre (CSC) at Nsuze Police Station on Tuesday night, 4 June 2024.

Information at this stage indicates that a 47-year-old Sergeant was on duty at the Community Service Centre with his colleague, a Constable on Tuesday night. It is reported that the Constable was doing routine patrol inside the premises of the police station when he heard gunshot sounds coming out of the Community Service Centre. When he rushed to investigate, he reportedly saw an off duty constable running away from the CSC.

When the on duty Constable entered the CSC he reportedly found his Sergeant colleague sitting on the chair with gunshot wounds, and was declared dead at the scene. In an unusual turn of events, the suspected murderer reported for duty this morning (Wednesday, 5 June 2024) and was duly arrested. The motive of the killing is unknown at this stage.

Lieutenant General Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi said that police officers must maintain good relations with fellow officers and always strive to become each other’s keeper. “Commanders must be observant at all times and be closer to their members so that they may identify any feud between officers or any sense of unhappiness. Policing is a demanding and traumatic job at times and police officers are the most prized resources of the organisation and must be looked after as such. The incident that happened at a police station in Nsuze is unfortunate and although criminal charges and internal disciplinary process will be pursued against the suspect, more efforts must be invested into the investigation of what could have led to such gruesome murder inside a building which is supposed to be a safe haven for police officers”, said Lieutenant General Mkhwanazi.     


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