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News: Armed robbers arrested, firearms and motor vehicles recovered


Media Statement
South African Police Service
Office of the Provincial Commissioner Limpopo

POLOKWANE - The police in Mmaleboho have arrested three suspects after they allegedly committed an armed robbery at the SASSA Pension Paypoint at Bergendal yesterday morning.

Five suspects arrived at the said Paypoint at about 09h10, allegedly pointed one of the cashiers with firearms and ordered her to unlock the safe. Three of the robbers managed to disarm the security officers of their rifles. The suspects then took the moneybags from the safe containing huge amounts of cash, loaded them into a white Toyota Yaris and sped from the scene.

The police were called when the robbery was still in progress and they immediately rushed to the scene, whilst at the same time, calling for more backup from the neighbouring police stations of Senwabarwana, Tolwe, Mogwadi and Saamboubrug.

Members of the Highway Patrol, the K9 and Tactical Response Team (TRT) also formed part of the operation and were later joined by the Airwing.

The suspects used some of the gravel roads in the area and were pursued through the help of a helicopter hovering above. They inevitably abandoned their three getaway motor vehicles and ran on foot. Three were cornered and arrested whereas two managed to evade arrest.

The police recovered

•five firearms, including the three rifles that were robbed from the Security Officers,

•two(02) of the moneybags and

•three(03) motor vehicles.

The search for the remaining two robbers is continuing.

The Provincial Commissioner of police in Limpopo Lieutenant General Nneke Ledwaba has commended the members for a hastily coordinated operation that led to these arrests and urged them to hunt down the remaining suspects.

The suspects, aged 40, 42 and 53 will appear in Senwabarwana magistrate court tomorrow, Friday 11 September 2020.


Brigadier Motlafela Mojapelo
082 8766 429


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