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News: SAPS celebrates women in policing: meet Warrant Officer Esterhuizen: A POP trainer, a medic, a nyala and water cannon operator


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A male-dominated environment has never intimidated Warrant Officer Esterhuizen. Perhaps because she was raised by her father after losing her mother when she was only three years old. It therefore comes as no surprise that she chose to work in the Public Order Police (POP) environment.

The all-rounder with 31 years of uninterrupted service, is a training instructor in the public order police environment, a trained medic who first started with a basic ambulance course. Her instructors at the College where she was studying were so impressed with her theory and practical results that they encouraged her to study further to broaden her knowledge. Her next training was in medical rescue where she attained a level 5 qualification. Her thirst for knowledge saw her completing a three-month level 7 immediate life support (ILS) qualification that led to her getting a license.

With a code 10 license, she began driving the then casspir and later nyala. The nyala is an armoured vehicle used police during raids and public protests. These armoured vehicles are very strong and powerful and are resilient to being shot at, being thrown with stones or even petrol bombs. She also drives and operates the water cannon. The water cannon is a truck used during protests and riots. The water cannon shoots a high-velocity steam of water and are often used in crowd control management to disperse large crowds.

Armed with an array of courses in crowd management, she is a resident trainer at the Western Cape public order police unit.

From an early age she learnt to be at the forefront. Warrant Officer Esterhuizen loves the POP environment working alongside her male counterparts. No task is ever daunting for her. She is currently busy with a training course for the new generation inyala, a task she cherishes in the quest to leave a lasting legacy in the POP environment.


Colonel A Mathe
082 040 8808


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