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10111 Centre

This call centre must be called in case of police emergencies.

This is a 24-hour crime reporting call centre which deals with complaints by the public.  The calls can be made on a landline - these calls are free, or from a cell phone, which are charged at the normal cell phone rates. All calls to the centre are recorded.

Dial 10111 only in emergencies.  Do not misuse it as this -

  1. blocks calls from people in life-threatening situations and in need of police assistance
  2. is a waste of the police’s time as officers may have to drive to the alleged crime scene
  3. is a waste of police resources as officers may be deployed where there is no emergency.

For less serious complaints and general enquiries, call the nearest police station.

When you dial 10111 anywhere in the country, a call centre operator answers the call and takes the necessary information. Remain calm when making an emergency call, and speak clearly while giving the following information:

  1.  Your name and address
  2. Your telephone number, if requested
  3. The nearest street corner to where the incident occurred
  4. Other useful information, such as the number of suspects, a description of the suspect, whether or not the suspects are/were armed and the direction in which they fled, if available.

Try to keep the conversation as brief as possible. However, the call centre operator requires information about the emergency to ensure your safety and the speedy response of the police.

The information is captured and a reference number given to the caller as proof and for future reference. The complaint is assigned to the local SAPS Community Service Centre Sector vehicle or the nearest flying squad vehicle.

Ensure that your street number is large and visible from the street.  Street names should be visible.  If they are not, notify your local authority.