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Firearms: Online Enquiry

For any enquiries regarding the status of your firearm application or renewal please complete the following:

If you have received a reference number allocated to your application / renewal, provide it here:
Reference Number: ID/Institution Number:
If you want to refine your search, provide your firearm serial number and your reference number;
Serial Number: Reference Number:
If you did not recieve a reference number per sms when you applied or renewed your license, please provide your ID number as well as your firearm serial number.
ID/Institution Number: Serial Number:

Search results:

Take note: The data on this page were updated on 2021-10-19. The results shown include finalized as well as outstanding applications for the year prior to the updated date.

Please supply a Reference number or Reference Number and Serial Number or ID number and Serial Number to search on...

If you could not trace your application / renewal or would like more information regarding your firearm application / renewal please contact the police precinct where you applied. Click here to search for a station.


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