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Service Complaints Centre
SAPS Service Complaint Centre to investigate poor service

The SAPS Service Complaints Centre, which forms part of the Component: Inspectorate Analysis Centre and Service Complaints at the Division Inspectorate, is in place to help the community to receive optimal service delivery and reduce complaints against the police. 

The aim of the process is to redress and investigate a dissatisfaction or disappointment experienced by any person or an organisation, locally, regionally, continentally, or internationally, in relation to an action or inaction regarding the service that was rendered or supposed to be rendered by the SAPS represented by its employee(s). 

Besides for complaints to be dealt with on an individual basis, an aggregation of all complaints is also done with a view to identify trends through analysis, of which the findings are then utilised to inform management to effect corrective action. 

Complaints can vary from poor service delivery regarding communication, response, investigations, police negligence, police misconduct and complaints against the SAPS Management or members and general complaints. 

For easy referral when reporting a complaint, the “Minimum complaint information” required includes, but is not limited to –

Full names and surname of the complainant; Identity number, residential/business address, telephone and cell phone numbers and email address. 

Also provide a description of the complaint including the province in which the complaint originated, the name of the police station, the case number (if applicable), details of the SAPS employees involved, etc. 

Complainants may submit a complaint directly by visiting your local police station community service centre (CSC), Station Commander, District / Cluster Commander’s office or Provincial Complaints Coordinators: Inspectorate. 
OR you can contact us on the following: 


Telephone No

Cell No

Fax No

Email Address

Eastern Cape

040 608 7078

082 301 8275

Free State

051 411 7804

071 412 2391

051 411 7816


011 274 7786

082 442 2000

011 274 7792


031 325 5951/ 4886

079 877 6536

031 325 4952


015 293 7186

072 149 9927

015 293 7187


013 249 1429/ 1430/ 1435

082 565 6447

013 249 1426

Northern Cape

053 802 7416

063 686 5236

053 832 2374

North West

018 299 7057

082 856 0995

018 299 7922

Western Cape

021 409 6535

082 469 7721

Although it is advisable for any person to lodge a complaint at respective local police stations, when all attempts to get assistance from a station or provinces have failed you, you can contact the National Service Complaints Call Centre on 0800 333 177 and follow the voice prompts and selections of your choice. In addition you may also use the following contact options:

Facsimile 012 393 5452
WhatsApp & Telegram 082 759 2590
MYSAPS Application by selecting "Service Complaints" option

Please note: 10111 is only used for crime related emergencies and not for service delivery complaints against the SAPS.